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Dominix Design is an organisation where the highest priority is given to the drives and the thinking behind design. We believe in the core that Design is an amalgamation of Art and Science. At the conception of the organisation, we believed that Dominix should create intellectual properties as products that would help quantify, speed up, characterise and structure some important aspects of the design process.

We have developed a few products in two categories-Scientific Products and Empathetic Products. Scientific products are directly quantifiable as they are based on the theories and papers published in various journals around the world. We have curated the basics and constructed our very own processes to accelerate the outcomes of the design process. On the other hand, every employee of Dominix is exposed to the highest levels of visual and experiential stimuli which results into an enhanced Empathy to solve design problems and conceptualise anything in a radically different manner.

Scientific Products

Research can be endless. We have seen hundreds of companies spending millions on research just because they don’t know where to stop. DIA® is used in the segmentation and structuring of the market research. Dominix Uses smart analytics to determine the architecture of data to be accumulated before starting the extensive market and consumer psychology researches. DIA® is very essential to conclude the research on the basis of information architecture.

Dominix Information
Architecture ®

Dominix Context
Mapping ®

To create successful brands, products and experiences; a corporation needs to map the contextual possibilities, hierarchies and limitations to conclude a definitive vision for the business. Dominix Design Context Map ® reflects the business on quadrants based on financial agendas, social agendas, personal agendas and experiential agendas. It helps businesses curate definitive goals and understand the details of its own triumphs and shortcomings to create breathtaking strategies. Dominix Global Context Map ® reflects the business and the product range on much more globally influenced map helping the board of directors arrive to geographically oriented decisions.

Dominix Design
Principles ®

These are what make Dominix class apart from any Design agency in the world. We have curated more than 140 laws and principles based on consumer psychology and cumulative psychology which can quantify and prove the design decisions that are made in the design process, before even implementing the design in the markets! DDP ® are varied and can be applied in the disciplines of communication design, industrial design and holistic experience design. By the means of this, we can easily quantify the user perceptions, psychologies and acceptance of the design in any society irrelevant of geographical and cultural implications.

Dominix Space
Experience Model ®

After any ideation phase, any client wants a walkthrough of the visual space. DSEM ® does exactly the same. The user gets a complete detailed virtual walkthrough and live improvisations and corrections. It lets the brand interact with the environment giving a detailed analysis of the Brand vs Ecosystem interaction. Color interaction, Form Space Bias, Breaking point, Visual Hierarchy implications are a few outcomes of the exercise.

Dominix User Centrism Walkthrough ®

DUCW ® deals in the later stages of industrial and experiential design. The interaction of the human centric approach with the environment, integrating user cases and case studies for getting the product/ experience roll out judgement, this product is necessary.

Dominix Circularity
Design ®

DCD ® is an exercise product which is used for creating products/ experiences that last longer and are designed with the end in mind. Material, Processes, Interactive choices and moral – ethical values of businesses and products are defined in this product. Our DCD guidelines are heavily influenced by Nike Design.

Dominix Empathy Mapping ®

In contradiction to the traditional methods of Empathy Mapping, we use 12 complex verticals and horizontals to map the exact empathy of the user, giving a 3 times detailed result of a usual empathy map. Also, the results are driven from the principles and laws of design, which are already quantified.

Empathetic Products

Executive Reviews ®

Director Dhruva Paknikar is one of the leading young designers in the country. Being the only one in India having worked with Karim Rashid, Jaques Dolle, Emmanuel Cairo, Philippe Lo Presti, Dhruva has a vast experience in Product, Packaging, Brand and Experience design. Having worked with clients like Rolex, Ikea, CK, Pepsi, Mitsubishi, Alessi to name a few, he has the vast exposure and experience working in the Asian, European, American and the Middle Eastern Markets. Well, his empathy can bring a great deal to the table.

Dominix Executive Directions ®

Design heads and Executives at Dominix have abundant experience and empathy to drive a good business plan for any small scale and medium enterprise. We offer this as a product to other design agencies and corporations as well in the form of Executive Design thinking sessions and workshops.

Dominix Design
Thinking Strategies ®

A design thinking guideline is curated at Dominix, where any client, company, organisation and even an individual can access to strategies the next moves and events.

Dominix Organic
Styling ®

Having a sister company in Luxury Lifestyle Design segment has its perks. Dominix Professionals are trained with the form and space theory which enables them to produce beautiful, sensual, organic form driven products, graphics and experiences completely based on organic art theories.

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