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Design is an investment, not an expense!

We believe in our core that design is not just ideation and problem solving. It is much more than that. Design is adding value to an experience, adding meaning to an ecosystem and composing a fundamentally extraordinary process. Design is a result of the efforts of anyone and everyone contributing to it directly or indirectly.

X Types Expereince Turnkey Intermediate Basic Styling
Who? Multinational Corporations/ Startups with Series 1+ funding/ Corporations valued for more than $100M/ Business wanting to create a 360 degree impact. Companies wanting to make an impact across disciplines.Capital + Royalty model available (Based on Executive Decisions) Small and Medium Scale corporations/companies wanting to create an impact on their business. Bootstrapped Startups. We also call this an SHS. Royalty model available (based on Executive Decisions) Companies having very specific requirements. *The brand guidelines of the company is a required document for this service.
Project Lead Creative Director Discipline Head / Creative Director Senior Designer / Discipline Head Junior Designer Junior Designer / Elaborate Intern
Executive Reviews Indefinite 10 6 4 2
Team Size 12-25 7-10 3-5 1-3 1-2
Project Duration (Approx) 12-24 Months 6-12 Months 3-6 Months 1-2 Months 12-18 WD
Subscription Yes Yes Yes - PDC Only Yes - PDC Only No
Deliverables Dominix Complete Experience Design® Turnkey Intermediate Basic Styling
A Research Methodologies
Project Brief Generation
Preliminary Research - Assessment and Gap Identification
Identification of primary and secondary data sources
Study Area Definition
Qualitative Researchs
Parametric Finalization
Biographical Research
Defining the Focus Group
Unstructured Focus Group
Semi-Structured Focus Group
Structured Focus Group
Critical Social Research
Ethical Enquiry
Foundational Research
Historical Research
Visual Ethnography
Case Studies
Qualitative research Analysis + interpretations
Quantitative Research
Data Collection Methods finalisation
Primary Data Collection (Archival Reports, Interviews, Direct Observations, Participant Observations, Questionairres n
Expert Opinion - Data Collection
Exposure Measurement
Literature Research / Prior Art Searcht
Dominix Information Architecture®
Market Segmentation (Geographic, Demographic, Techno-graphic, Psychographic, Profiling, Behavioral)
Market Trend Research
SWOT Analysis
PEST Analysis
Customer Analysis
Choice Modelling
Competitor Analysis
Market Segmentation by Bass Diffusion Model
Dominix Context Mapping®
Desing Context Mapping
Global Context Mapping
Dominix Executive Direction®
ADD ON - Behaviour Modification Strategy
ADD ON - Attitudinal Targeting Strategy
ADD ON - Demographic Targeting Strategy
ADD ON - Geo-Targeting Strategy
ADD ON - Micro Segmentation Opportunities
ADD ON - Misinfomration De-segmentation Strategy
ADD ON - Subliminal Advertising Strategy
ADD ON - Targeted Advertising Strategy
Dominix Design Thinking Strategies®
Business Plan + Strategy
Product Differentiataion Module
B Brand and Business Designs
Brand Ethos and Brand Philosophies Mapping
Logo Change Timeline
Collateral Change Timeline
Brand Redesign Parameters
Iconic Geometry
Dominix Design Principles®
Parametric Evolution of Brand Communication Strategy
Dominix Space Experience Model®
Conceptual Construction of Brand Identity
Technical Details of Identity
Dominix Context Mapping®
Design Context Mapping
Global Context Mapping
Definition of Branding Relationships
Authorization of Identity
Direct Print Identity Design (Business Cards/ Letterheads/ Envelopes)
Strategic Print Branding
Content VS Graphic Generation
Collaterals Guidelines + Templates Design (Files/Invoices/Proposals/Employee Badges Presentation/Leaflet/Brochures/Catalogs/ Flyers/ Banner/Standee/Profile/Report)
Investor Pitch Deck/Presentation
Merchandise Design (Clocks/Calendars/Wearable/Souvenirs) n
C Digital Design
Study of existing UI/UX Flow (Only for Redesign)
Field Studies - User Interviews
User Interview analysis and priority pointers
Diary Studies
Stakeholder Interviews
Requirement and Constraint Reports
Competitor Testing and Analysis
Hierarchical Task Analysis
Persona Building
Dominix Design Principles®
Journey Mapping
Usability Lab Study
Ethnographic Design Study
Participatory Design Study
Focus Group Study
Behavioural Pattern Study
Eye Tracking Analysis
Usability Benchmarking
Remote Usability Studies - Desirability Study
Clickstream Analysis
Multivariate Testing
Qualitative UX Study
Quantitative Attitude Study
True Intent Study
Online and Intercept Survey
Card Sorting
Paper/Sketch Prototyping
Concept Testing
Dominix Context Mapping®
Design Context Mapping
Global Context Mapping
Colour Perception Study
Interaction Preference Study and Analysis
Longitudinal Research
Social Implication Study
Cultural Context Study
Visual Ergonomics Study
Instructions Based Testing
Pilot Testing
Benchmark Testing
Accessability Evaluation
FAQ Review
Feedback Review
Brand Language+ Colours + Moodboards
Feedback Review
User Flow
Wireframe Generation
UX Flow Organization
UX Rapid Prototyping
Defining Visual Design System
User Interface Design
ADD ON - Motion Design
D Industrial Design
Product Strategy - Product Market Definition - Stakeholder Discussions.
Project Vision/Goals - Identifying and defining the generic problem statements and Specific problem statements.
Discovery (Analytics + Reviews + User Testing)
Analysis- Use cases + Persona Creation
Experience Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
Styling (Housing)
Styling - Ideation + Concept Finalisation + CMF
Ergonomics and Proofs - Styling
Product Evolution and Semantical Data Generation
Mechanical Styling
Engineering and Detailed Design Analysis
Ergonomic Design
Semantics Study and Moodboarding
Dominix Design Principles®
Structural Planning and Product Wire-framing
Techno-Aesthetic Detailing
Organic Styling®
Technically Complex Product Design (Part Design)
Multiple Part Design Assembly
Multiple Assembly Design Assembly
Defining Product Vision and Strategy
Value Proposition Definition
Dominix User Centrism Walkthrough®
Definition of Success Criteria
Dominix Circularity Design®
User Dynamics Study and User Semantics Study
Dominix Empathy Mapping®
Final Modelling
Narrative Generation
Experiential Product Design (Tactual, Body language of object, Product-sound experience, taste smell and chemesthesis, multi-sensory product experience)
Designing for expertise (Perspective, Innovations and Eminency levels, Implications)
E Packaging Design
User Case Generation
Technical Layouting Research
Fundamental Packaging Research
Dominix Design Principles®
Multi-sensory Packaging Experience
Human Centric Packaging experience
Housing Design
Label Design
Techno Aesthetic Packaging Design
Dominix Circularity Design®
Human Capability Mapping
Experiential Packaging Design
Packaging Design for Expertise
F Prototyping
Material Procurement
Quality Analysis
Emotional Response and Perception Research
G Holistic Experience Design
Human Product Interaction
Experience Sheet Mapping
SMI Triangle Mapping
Tactual Experience of Objects
Touch Design
Tactual Property Mapping
Skin and Skin Senses Design
Defining Body Language of Objects and Space
The Experience of Product Sounds
Taste, Smell & Chemesthesis of Experience
Scale Definition
Dominix Space Experience Model®
Context, Information and Expectations
Multisensory Experience Design
Human Capability and Experience Design
Vision Design
Intellectual Functioning Mapping
Design for Expertise - Kite Mapping
De’cycle Mapping
Expressions Defining
Consequences of Beauty
Dominix Design Principles®
Experience Semantics
Experience Emotion
Experience Attachment
Experience as a Social Interaction
Dominix Circularity Design®
H Food + FMCG Design
Product Experience Mapping
Expectation Theory and Analysis
Contextual Variables Action Plan
Retail Design
Contextual Variables Action Plan
Appearance + Brand Equity Design
Role of Colour
Dominix Design Principles®
Relativity of visual phenomena
Colour Experimentation
Interaction of colour and Flavour
Interaction of Shape, Size and Appearance
Method for empirical visual research definition
Study of changing shopping experience
Dominix Empathy Mapping®
Framing the shopping experience
CEV (Consciousnesses-Emotion-Value) Model
CAB (Cognition-Affect-Behavious) Model
Perceived Value and Shopping Experience
Educational Experience
Aesthetic Experience
Escapist Experience

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