Elaborative Stories

We believe that Design and Design thinking creates phenomenal impacts on the
fundamentals of any system or it’s recognition. We have illustrated a few case
studies of our clients where the data was recorded in real time- proving how we
created products, services and businesses that were revolutionised by our design

First New Bistro in Pandemic

An holistic bakery and bistro experience designed for taking you to the melancholy European landscapes through the lush meadows and quiet hillsides. The Bake House Bistro was designed to be a very homely and welcoming brand and the quality of their foods had to be derived into their banding and space design. 

leela's kitchen

leela's kitchen

Smart Access, Anywhere

An end to end design for a new smart-card company Elementic Technologies under the brand Byteseal. Explore how we created not just an identity but a holistic solution for the new age, cut edge technology- a new way of living. 

How We Converted A Fashion Studio To A Signature Brand

With a 10x outreach and brand perception in just one year, each and every detail of the CPG brand and holistic experience has been crafted out. Brand breached through every smallest of the contour, the impact of design cannot be ignored.

Enriched Air

Generich Membranes, India’s only company manufacturing Oxygen Enriched air wanted us to productise their innovation. We created OEU (Oxygen Enrichment Unit) for them.

Best On The Isle

A peek into how we understood the
British consumer psychology and the
spice buying habits to influence the visuals and the packaging design of the best spice company – Leela’s Kitchen at the Isle of Man, United Kingdom.

leela's kitchen

The revolution of sanitation!

Explore how we helped PadCare develop a technically complex product that Shreds and sanitize used sanitary pads and later convert into a beautiful hand made paper!

The Rebellious Revolution Of The Foundry Industry.

Having a global monopoly in the foundry industry, this case study talks about how design and ergonomics enhanced the entire usability of the foundry workers along with tremendous economic benefits of the business
– Suyash Solutions and SRL Probes, Italy.



A Tiny Screw Makes All The Difference

From brand conception to the complex geometry of the orthopaedic screws, tack delivery guns and the packaging design for the hospitals, we went from tooth to nail for Orthocrafts. A cumulative process of more than 3.5 years, Orthocrafts is the only Indian company to manufacture biodegradable material for orthographic screws.

Creating Indian Product & Business in International arket.

Dedges a local brand originated in Pune is now perceived as a Global competition by huge brands like Thama etc. Positioned at a 3/4th price with the same quality and more accessories they serve in the poultry industry. Right from the worker’s comfort and ergonomics to the vet’s satisfaction the products were developed. The brand uses bold language and comes swinging as the best product brand in the industry. Run by two generations of the Dedge Family, they have a market cap of 21.2% in a fairly short time.

Redefining The Master Of Diagnostics

How we helped Diamond BP, County’s biggest
and oldest BP machine manufacturer to redefine their market presence and retain a 76.3% market cap by redesigning their products.

Brand + Package + Strategy For India’s First Smart Functional Food Brand.

BLU MARK, entirely based on more than 20
years of research of its founder couple, the Shirodkars – this case study describes how design thinking changed the entire business
model of BluMark and made it what it is today.

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