Dominix Offerings


Holistic Experience Design

A great experience is today’s luxury. It’s a differentiating factor between the good and the best. The design driven experience is absolutely necessary when it comes to establishing or upgrading a brand. We design a holistic experience of a brand, considering all the aspects of design, human psychology and perception.

Brand & Business Design

We design the perception of brands and businesses to exude the value that they provide. We use a combination of design principles and laws of human perception to elevate the brand perception and recall value for boosted business.
Not only the perception, Dominix Business Strategies® and Context Mapping®are the tools which can potentially alleviate the business problems and make sure the vision, ethos and the business plan ensures the exponential growth of the business.”



Niche Product & Digital Design

We design products in the digital as well as niche domains to enable new possibilities and interactions. We make ways to create products and applications to enhance daily lives and solve problems on micro and macro level.

Start-Up Strategies

We provide strategic help to startups by applying design thinking and approaches at the very beginning of the business in order to make it a success and provide it at a very affordable cost. We offer the best design and business strategies at the best price ensuring the startup’s prominent growth.


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