Dhruva Paknikar Ltd.

Brand & Business  Design

Luxury, redefined.

DPLDPL is the signature label brand owned by Mr. Dhruva Paknikar, the Global Creative Director of Dominix Global. A ‘Dhruva Paknikar’ experience is an amalgam of beauty and being. ‘Concieved with Purity’, the brand thrives that every product is an amalgamation of contemporary design and Indian spirituality. While designing the Dhruva Paknikar Emblem, three words were overpowering me. Energy, Inspiration and Enlightenment. I wanted to combine the contemporary design concept with the human-world interface, further amalgamating it with a context of Indian Spirituality and the art of living. Human, in this contemporary world is in a constant pursuit of inner peace. I believe that inspiring surroundings create deep meanings leading to a constructive evolution of life. Known as one of the worlds most ancient cultures, Indian spirituality suggests that the Lotus Position (Padmasan) is the most effective position for cultivating inner peace. Contemporary research recently proved that it is the most ergonomically desired position for meditation and relaxation. Having this content, we jotted down the visuals of the Lotus Position and studied the energy flows of the human elevation. This led us to conceive an icon, an emblem purely reflecting the produce of energy, inspiration and enlightenment. Now this, is the story of the Dhruva Paknikar Emblem.

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