Abled Labs

Brand & Business  Design

The story of a responsible revolution.

Abled Labs is the world’s first Non Profit Non Government Organisation which caters to the needs of the specially abled people by giving them tailored solutions fitting perfectly to their needs. Abled is a collaboration between Avantika University and Dominix Global Pvt. Ltd. Branding Abled was one of the free flowing conceptualisations we had. Here yellow was the predominant colour, in coordination with the grey which are in the colour family of Dominix Global as a brand. An arrow moving forward all the way from the ‘A’ to ‘D’ denotes the essence of the brand. Supporting
the differently abled people by design is denoted by ‘Able’ in a different colour and ‘D’ in a different colour. The whole brand language is crisp and clear- always moving forward in the segments.

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