It’s evident that the world is changed. Big or small, we all know that the difference is there. Some sustained, some survived while others made profits or losses. But the human psychology is definitely changed. The perception / perseverance is definitely changed. People know what they want – the psychology is changed. After continuously studying the emergent market and human psychologies – we believe that we can drive the organisation with a definitive strategy, a definitive design thinking. This is an age where companies have to turn around and do something radically different. We need to have new product strategies in place; the assessment of importance, the assessment of Value and the assessment of processes. For brands, we need purpose, meaning, connection. We need to make design thinking a part of the larger solution. We can embed design thinking to the core of the organisations. Enhancing the digital presence is a core need of the era. We can convert those experiential thought processes into much more evolved digital experiences.

We can help you REIMAGINE a better tomorrow!

While we believe that only by supporting each other we stand a chance to grow again exponentially! We have introduced the all new Easy-Pay modules. EP basically lets companies position themselves better by the branding, Industrial Design Development and the strategic expertise offered by Dominix without paying huge capital fees as the start. The prices on our usual modules are very much lowered and the payment terms are also decided mutually. We believe that goodwill and partnerships last way longer than a vendor-client relationship.

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Unfortunately in 2020, the world faced a huge pandemic which not just devastated everything but shifted things to a New Normal. We believe that designers and design companies together with good manufacturers can change the world.

We, at Dominix, enlisted a few problems faced by people during this pandemic and created solutions for the same. We collaborated with various companies, organisations and the government to help people gain access to these solutions. For enquires, Contact Us. 

Pre COVID Analysis

In India, the lack of people going for tests makes the country more vulnerable. Due to the lack of education and fear – people are not even going for tests, even while having symptoms. To tackle that, we have designed a drone which will have precise long range heat signature sensors and long range laser temperature sensors for un-manned temperature checking and surveillance in old buildings, slums and lower economic areas. The drones will be docked and operated from government vehicles. This will just be for starting out at initial stages and surveillance purposes. Suspects can later be diagnosed and tested with CoVID-19 Testing Kit.

Post-Outbreak Care

We sincerely DO NOT want this to increase, but that didn’t stop us from thinking and acting for the worst case scenario. We have ideated an economic, first response room which can be assembled and set up wherever possible to support the Stage I and Stage II patients. Given skilled nursing, it can act as a full time, ventilator-enabled, IC Unit as well.


SaniSole™ is the world’s best automatic sanitiser dispenser unit for cleansing of the footwear. It uses a unique, compact, contemporary design to revolutionise how we sanitise our feet and thus keep our workspaces and our homes safe, in this pandemic affected times. Cleanliness, hygiene and safety are the three fundamental pillars on which SaniSole™ is built. It is compact, lightweight, easy-to-use and visually appealing, while being a product of extremely high quality materials and robust engineering. SaniSole™ is made in different variants to cater to different types of scenarios and markets, to make sure that nobody is deprived of safety and hygiene. We are absolutely certain that SaniSole™ will ensure your safety and that of your loved ones, while being a completely reliable go-to option for footwear sanitation. 

Specs Mask

We design the perception of brands and businesses to exude the value that they provide. We use a combination of design principles and laws of human perception to elevate the brand perception and recall value for boosted business.
Not only the perception, Dominix Business Strategies® and Context Mapping®are the tools which can potentially alleviate the business problems and make sure the vision, ethos and the business plan ensures the exponential growth of the business.”

Sani Pod

SaniPod is a wearable sanitiser unit that rests on your wrist. It consists of a 15mL Sanitiser and is operated via a simple button that when pressed sprays adequate amount of it to keep your hands clean and ensure your safety.

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